Jennifer N. Russo

Business Processing

Work at Halliday:

Although Jennifer started her career at Halliday officially in 2012, she had interned off and on since 2006.

Jennifer works in business processing and compliance, helping to manage the downstate office so operations run smoothly. Jennifer takes on supply orders, mailing and shipping, printer/copier maintenance, faxes, and additional office duties as needed.

Background and education:

Jennifer holds a bachelor of arts degree in music and psychology from George Washington University, and a master’s degree of music in vocal performance from the New England Conservatory of Music.

Prior to Halliday, Jennifer worked as a House Manager at Jordan Hall in Boston. She has also worked as a church cantor (singer) for Sunday services. She currently sings at various private affairs, weddings, and other milestone events and celebrations, both religious and non-religious.

Additional information:

Jennifer is a trained opera singer, which is essentially her second job when not at Halliday. She takes voice lessons, attends career development programs, and auditions throughout the year. She has performed with tri-state opera companies, regularly attends performances, and has even exposed some of her Halliday coworkers to their very first opera!

Jennifer extends her love and talent for opera singing to children – many of the opera companies she works with include an outreach component where children are exposed to the art of opera performance and interactive audience participation.

In addition to opera singing, Jennifer’s additional interests include traveling, baking, and spin classes. She has also amassed a wealth of knowledge about Disney films and theme parks, having visited Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Disneyland Paris all in one calendar year.