Halliday Financial is an independent, full service, comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory firm that has been supporting the CUNY community since 1984. It is our goal to help you be well educated about your options and help you make smart decisions with your finances.
The relationship between you and your Halliday advisor is a shared partnership. The advice is customized based on you and your family’s goals, as the advice offered is not limited to your CUNY sponsored accounts.
The value of the advice can come in different forms. It can be piece of mind knowing that you are working with a trusted advisor that provides guidance, allowing you to spend more time on things you enjoy. Value can be perceived by knowing that a structured plan can help take emotions and stress of out of the investment process. Ultimately, your relationship with a Halliday advisor can provide confidence that you are making decisions that are in the best interest of you and your family’s goals.
We utilize a goals based approach to planning. Conversations start by listening to what is most important to you and your family. Whether it is income and expense planning, tax reduction strategies, beneficiary planning, or maximizing your CUNY benefits, we welcome the opportunity to help you benefit from the coordinated value of independent advice.

What is Halliday Financial’s relationship with CUNY and TIAA?

Halliday Financial advisors are available to help provide guidance for your CUNY TIAA or TRS accounts. Under the TIAA Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) program, Halliday Financial’s advisors can provide independent investment advice for a plan participant or a retiree for a fee. The advice is not limited to CUNY accounts. Halliday’s independent business model allows our advisors to offer comprehensive financial planning and investment advice regardless of the employer or source of investments.

What services does Halliday Financial offer?
Halliday Financial advisors offer full service, comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory services. We help you plan and coordinate your goals and provide alignment with your income and expenses, assets, taxes, legal planning, and insurance needs. One of the strengths of our firms is our independence. Financial advice should be independent of companies and products so an advisor can objectively recommend solutions that put your interests first.

Service commitment is another strength of our program. We encourage timely reviews with our clients to ensure that there is an agreement between your goals and financial plan. At times when goals change, as they usually do, we want to make the appropriate adjustments to your plan to ensure consistency with your goals.

We take a leadership role in coordinating your investments. Strategies such as diversification and rebalancing can help maintain reasonable returns that are consistent with your goals and risk profile.

Examples of additional services offered include: 529 college savings plans, rollover strategies, tax planning, beneficiary planning, charitable giving strategies, trust and legal planning, insurance planning (life, long term care, disability), and debt reduction plans.

How are Halliday advisors compensated for their services?
Halliday Financial advisors earn their compensation from fee-based planning. An annual fee in the range of 0.55% to 0.75% is deducted from the respective TIAA accounts that are being managed and serviced by your Halliday Advisor. The fee is billed on a quarterly basis. By adopting a fee based model, the success of our advisors are directly correlated with the success of our clients.

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At Halliday Financial, we take pride in fostering your financial safety. We assist our clients through every phase of the financial lifecycle, from starting a career and family to retirement. We take satisfaction in seeing our clients realize their dreams. Contact us today…