Sean S. Mohammadi

President, Halliday Financial, LLC

President, Halliday Financial LLC

Sean Mohammadi has been working for Halliday Financial since 1988. As a longtime member of the firm, he has developed and expanded his role with the company in various ways. He has not only become a Partner in Halliday Financial Group, but also founded and currently heads the Halliday Private Trust – a division of Halliday Financial dedicated to protecting and increasing family wealth for multiple generations.

Seans’ responsibilities include overseeing the firm’s largest client, the City University of New York, with over 6 million dollars of retirement assets. Additionally, Sean works extensively with families to build wealth and ensure that a financial legacy is passed on to future generations. This expertise helps him personally manage over 200 million dollars for over 300 families.

In addition to his work with the firm, Sean serves as a trustee with several different charitable foundations. He is particularly proud of his work supervising scholarship committees for various foundations. Sean is passionate about providing opportunities to students who demonstrate both need and merit in order to continue their educational endeavors. His other charitable work involves hands on volunteering with organizations like Meals on Wheels.

Sean is married and a proud father of three children. He lives in Woodbury, NY.