If you are like most people, you have insurance on your house, your car and other items of value.  But, you may have overlooked protecting what is often your most valuable asset – your ability to generate an income.  Accumulating the assets you have, paying for the everyday needs of you and your family and securing a financial future are all dependent on your ability to earn income.

Having protection in place should you unexpectedly be unable to earn income may be a wise decision.
Disability income insurance helps protect a portion of your income and provides a basic and important type of financial security for your future. Disability income insurance works by paying you a portion of your income should your health change in such a way that you are unable to work.

You may have some type of disability coverage through your employer or other organization. If you are interested in protecting yourself from the financial trouble that might develop if your income stopped, you may want to assess whether the coverage you have is robust enough to do the job.

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