Halliday Financial offers institutions like; local credit unions, community banks, regional and even multinational banks the opportunity to build and brand a custom digital advice solution for their loyal client base.  We know every institution is unique so with our technology partner, we offer several engagement models to meet your needs, no matter how complex.  We also know that our program improves your bottom line and helps you to engage your customers where they are and through their preferred methods.  Our mission is to enhance financial literacy, deepen financial inclusion, and humanize finance for all by enabling organizations to easily offer digital wealth solutions like this.  This enterprise-ready program, is the proven way for financial institutions to efficiently and affordably reach, acquire, and retain clients who seek straightforward information and service around their finances. 

Once your institution has worked with our dedicated team to build your custom digital advice solution, your customers can add another layer of personalization through their dashboard.  These custom features allow your customers to add meaningful account titles, pictures and details to each of their accounts.  They can even link accounts not held through your institution or their new digital advice account, to give them a true picture of their financial situation.

There are multiple ways to partner with Halliday Financial for this program and if you are interested in learning more please request a live demo with our technology team to understand about the future of investing. 

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