After retirement, and possibly long-term care, educating your child, children, or in some cases, grandchildren, is likely the largest financial hurdle your family will need to clear.

The cost of higher education is rising each year at a pace in excess of inflation. Top private schools and public universities alike are continuing to raise the cost of everything from tuition to room and board.

Fortunately, Halliday Financial can help in two ways.

529 Savings Plan

If you have young children or grandchildren, and therefore a sufficient amount of time to plan, Halliday Financial can help you determine the possible cost of college, decide on the portion of that expense you want to accumulate and develop an investment plan for meeting your goals.

Under a program statutorily created by the federal government and administered by individual states, you can establish investment accounts with special tax advantages in order to accumulate assets to help put your kids through college (and even graduate school). Called 529 College Savings Accounts, these special investment vehicles provide valuable tax advantages that make accumulating sufficient college funds easier.

Let a Halliday Financial Advisor help you understand and take advantage of these powerful savings opportunities.

Maximum Financial Aid

If you have children nearing college age, Halliday Financial specialists can assist you in the process of securing the most financial aid available to you.

Many people misunderstand the financial aid system, believing that it is available only to the lowest income families. In reality, carefully positioning your assets and properly completing the applications for financial aid can make a significant difference in the amount of money your family can receive.

So, if you’re worried about how your family is going to afford the price tag of the college or university your child is thinking of attending, let us help you determine if you can get financial aid to help you.

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