About Us

At Halliday Financial, it is our mission to assist our clients in the process of solving problems, specifically a range of financial problems. At Halliday Financial, we utilize a full spectrum of financial services to help our clients navigate every major obstacle in their financial lives. Because we are an independent financial services firm, we have no proprietary products to push.  Our role is to help clients make smart decisions about their money. We understand that each client has unique needs and therefore provide personalized solutions based on their goals, objectives and concerns.

30 Years of Excellence

celebrate_30Since 1982, Halliday Financial has dedicated itself to energetically applying creative strategies to the diverse financial objectives of our clients. We are an independent financial services firm with access to every capital market and investment type without the trappings and restraints of a massive bank, insurance company or wire house. Each of the financial advisors located in our regional offices is proud to serve the group of clients most in need of his or her assistance. From college educators, to institutional accounts; from business owners to wealthy families; from retirement plans to retirees; Halliday Financial brings solutions to financial problems and thoughtful strategies to financial opportunities.

By exploring the Investment Services, Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Structured Products, Insurance Services and Tax Services sections of this website, you will discover just how much Halliday Financial has to offer. Please feel free to contact us directly to speak to our Managing Director, Andrew W. Halliday, JD, at (518) 463-2200 or ahalliday@hallidayfinancial.com to learn more about our firm.