Scott H. Solomon

President, Halliday Financial Wealth Management, Chief Operating Officer

Work at Halliday:

Scott joined Halliday Financial in 2002 at the Glen Head office in Long Island as a Financial Professional. After just a year, he was asked by management to assist in opening the Albany office. The following year, he was promoted to Regional Vice President. From there, Scott continued to move up the ranks, becoming Executive Vice President in 2006, COO in 2008, to CEO in 2010. Presently, he is both President and COO.

The primary focus for Scott at Halliday is to create the strategic plan for the company, and then advance that plan throughout the firm. Driving this plan involves helping current advisors thrive in their individual interpretations of a successful career, as well as bringing on new advisors, who like the way Halliday continues to grow. Scott assists new advisors during their transition to Halliday, supporting them in pursuing their own definitions of success in this field. He also assembles the staff and services team to assist the advisors, building efficiency amongst the way they do business. Finally, Scott fosters strategic partnerships with other professionals in all of our geographic areas; he’s always looking for places to expand where Halliday could be successful.

Under Scott’s leadership, Halliday has opened up three new offices, tripled revenue in that same time, and has more than doubled the number of advisors. Additionally under Scott’s direction, Halliday’s scope of services has broadened to include tax preparation, retirement planning, capital markets, and trust services.

Background and education:

Scott holds a bachelor’s degree from the University at Albany, where he earned the Presidential Leadership Award for excellence in a leadership role. Scott also engaged in post graduate work, has completed his FINRA licenses, and holds a degree from the College of Financial Planning.

Scott got his start in the financial world on Wall Street, on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, working for organizations such as LaBranche and Company.

Additional information:

Scott currently resides in Clifton Park with his children.

In his spare time, Scott enjoys volunteering with many local charities and organizations, including but not limited to the Ronald McDonald House, Northern Rivers Family Society, Interface Partnership for the Homeless, Albany Women’s Shelter, Albany Rescue Mission, and Coaches Versus Cancer. He has taught classes for Junior Achievement, as well as classes for continuing education.