Capital Markets

Halliday Financial Capital Markets works closely with our clients to ensure that we meet their needs.

Halliday Financial Syndicate Department

The Halliday Financial Syndicate Department is the underwriting and marketing organization within Halliday Financial for initial public offerings (IPOs) of debt and equity (common and preferred) offerings of companies seeking to raise capital.

Halliday Financial Fixed Income Desk

The Fixed Income desk at Halliday Financial is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and advice.  We seek to meet the needs of our individual and institutional clients through a broad array of services and strategies.

Halliday Financial Structured Products

Structured products are highly customized investments which you can use to take a risk-adjusted exposure to conventional assets, or to diversify your portfolio by investing in assets that are otherwise difficult to access.

All Structured Products have the following features in common:

  • Defined maturity and “underlying” (the asset that defines performance of the structured product)
  • A specified level of capital protection
  • A formula used to express the total return of the structured product during the life of the investment or at maturity.

At Halliday Financial, we believe that Structured Products can help our clients achieve three primary objectives: investment returns with little or no principal at risk, higher returns in a range-bound market (with or without principal protection), and an alternative for generating higher yields in a low-return environment.

Structured Products harness the power of modern capital market instruments, such as derivatives, to bring flexibility to product design. Our expertise is in finding the right structured products for your risk profile. We can link returns to equity indices, single stocks, a basket of stocks, currencies, interest rates, commodities and funds. The principal protection level of these investments can range from 0% to 100%. The term of the product can range from one month to 30 years, to suit your individual needs.

Learn more about Structured Products or contact your Halliday Financial Advisor or Wealth Advisor.

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